Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Going On Right Now

As of late, I have finished and uploaded the Rugrats in Paris review. I still find it odd, and morbidly amusing, that both this and the Rugrats Movie review had somewhat troubled productions. Makes me wonder what horrors await me in reviewing Rugrats Go Wild (aside from the film itself, of course).

I've also started a few scripts. Two of them are reviews of MLP episodes, but they are out-of-character (as if I was ever IN character), meaning they will just be me making fun of/criticizing said episodes. I haven't quite started the script for Rugrats Go Wild, so I will get on that. And while I'm at it, might as well start writing scripts for Halloween and Christmas reviews. :D

In more life related stuff, my parents came home after a long month of driving and helping relatives and they gave me this little beauty:

So I've been fiddling around with it. Just bought some songbooks as well. I've also been drawing more. Trying to perfect a certain style so I can start making abstractly autobiographical comics, or something like that.

One more thing: I'll be going to Ohio this week, so I'm gonna try and get some writing done while I can. We're gonna help my grandmother move out of her house into assisted living, so I'm not sure what's gonna happen with that.

Hopefully, I'll start being more frequent with videos once everything's figure out.

Jake Reviews God, the Devil, and Bob

An old and very short review for a youtube channel that never really got off the ground.

I'm actually pretty proud of this one. Short, to the point, good use of clips. I should think about revisiting this sort of idea after we get Rugrats Go Wild all finished up.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cinematic Nutcase - Rugrats in Paris

After years of holding on to this script and months of trippy shooting and editing schedules, this review is finally finished. Hopefully, there will be less troubled productions in the future, but one can never know for sure.

Special thanks to Emily and Scotty Borup for letting me film at their house and for a fun and hilarious filming session.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Catching Up

I've seen quite a few movies in the month following Man of Steel. 

Star Trek Into Darkness

I haven't watched a lot of Star Trek. Growing up, I have caught a few Next Generation episodes here and there, so I've always been aware of it. I did see the first Abrams' Star Trek in theaters, and haven't watched it since. As for this film, I can really only say that it was okay. The moments with the characters bouncing off each others' personalities were very fun and interesting, and left me wanting more of it. Sadly, I was left wanting more because those moments are pretty sparse in-comparison to the admittedly well-shot action scenes (no shaky-cam, thank god) and the convoluted plot. I can't say that it's bad, it's just not a film I can go back to, because it didn't give me much of a reason to. At the very least, it's fun to watch/read critics I respect tear it apart.

Equestria Girls

I'm currently still in the pre-scripting stages of making a review of this film. The thing is, I'm very aware that most of the problems I have with the film are very personal emotions. The best way I can describe it is seething disappointment. I have watched this movie twice (once in the theater), and both times left me in a stage of contempt, and I'm still trying to rationalize most of it (easier said than done). At least one good song, though.

Monsters University

Not the worst school-centered animated film based off a nostalgic property I saw that week. Some good jokes, interesting ideas, but ultimately, not much else to it (at least for me).

Pacific Rim

Very fun. Pretty flat characters, yes, but they get the job done, somewhat. Not sure if I would revisit though. Oh well then. Better than Into Darkness, at least.