Saturday, June 15, 2013

Man of Steel



So yeah.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Equestria Girls trailer Vlog

Another reason why I think this was mostly thought up buy the marketing team is that the plot seems somewhat similar to that Smurfs movie from a few years ago. That film made enough money to warrant a sequel, so of course it would also be copied from others trying to achieve that same 'success'. Which, now that I think about, makes the target audience for Equestria Girls one-half young female toddlers and other-half Hasbro stockholders.

Many people say that I shouldn't get too bent out of shape because 'it's for little girls'. First of all, that was the same argument others put forth to pony fans back in the beginning, and we argued that it's actually for families, and not just the 'target audience'. So now that we have this sort of film in our midst, other pony fans who are looking forward/indifferent to it suggest this same argument towards critics who would prefer it if the show would maintain a certain amount of artistic integrity. I don't understand. Second of all, being targeted towards little girls, or boys, or children in general does not give them a licence to suck. Really, this whole idea of going to a human world is just a tacky and stupid idea, in my opinion. As for why I think so, well, I tend to think that this sort of thing works only in a 'DeviantArt/Tumblr' setting, when it's more of a fun drawing exercise than the plot of a feature film. And the 'professionals' going ahead and doing such things comes off more like your parents trying way too hard to be 'hip'.

Either way, I do have a ticket to a screening in Kennewick scheduled two Saturdays from now, so I shall finally see how this turns out in a few weeks. Possible outcomes include 'surprise masterpiece', 'well-executed yet insipid drivel', and 'overwhelming trainwreck'.

Though admittedly, Daniel Ingram's songs tend to grow on me, so that might be fun.