Sunday, August 8, 2010


Why am I even reviewing this? How many people are actually reading my blogs? Why would I even want to review since every other film critic has already summed it up perfectly?

The story is better left unsaid.

Inception is what a brain teaser puzzle would be like if it was filmed. It's a brilliantly done film.

Go see it.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Last Airbender: Book One: Water

Based on the popular TV series, The Last Airbender is about a young boy who must except his responsibility as Avatar, the keeper of peace, in a world at war. On his journey, he has to master the four elements, Air, Water, Earth, & Fire.

It seems that when it comes to adaptations, people who love the source material never enjoy the resulting film as it is; I am an exception.

Speaking as a fan of the show, I found the mispronunciations of character names to be hilariously stupid but then acceptable. I do find the idea of Fire Benders needing pre-lit fire in order to bend a little annoying. I think they're more of a threat when they can throw fireballs out of thin air but that's just me. I believe the filmmakers over-thought the bending movements; for some reason a character needs to do a lengthy series of body motions to perform a simple bending move. I just don't get it.

The music, scenery, and visual effects were stunning. As for the acting, not so much. A lot of the younger actors were somewhat wooden in their performances but not too distracting. Comedian Aasif Mandvi was a little over-the-top compared to everyone else but that might be because he had personality.

I think the film would've been better if it tried to go for a Lord of the Rings feel, where they would stop in a few places and let the scenery sink in and let the characters develop. But on its own, it's an enjoyable film.


EDIT: On second thought, not recommended. Too many people hate for you to even bother.

(Note from 2014): Goddamn this was boring.