Monday, January 30, 2012

Underworld: Awakening

I never gave a shit about the Underworld series. The only reason why I saw this was because I was invited by my friends, who are really into vampire and werewolf lore, and have actually watched this series.

The movie starts with a brief recap of the first three movies for...some reason. It certainly helped me out a bit, but so would leaning over to my friend and asking "who the hell is Michael?"

This being the fourth installment, the film basically assumes the audience has seen the first three movies so I was just thrown into this world without much knowledge of anything, except that vampires and lycans exist and have somehow come to our world and have been ethnically cleansed by the humans and I stopped caring after that.

It certainly feels like a sequel, because nothing is really explained or analyzed unless it was important to the plot. Sooo, I certainly was a bit lost, not that I cared. 

I have a few questions:

If this is an R rated movie, why do they try so hard to cover up Kate Beckensale's breasts when she awakes naked in a cryogenic pod? You can have her shooting lycans left and right, blood splattering everywhere, but not have her show her nipples? Really? Maybe it was a contract thing, or maybe she didn't want to be exposed like that. Eh, whatever.

Why do they keep making these movies? And why did they leave the ending open? Are they really making a fifth one?

My opinion? This:

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Brony's Conundrum

So, I'm starting to write two scripts for the Brony Nutcase. One is just him reviewing the pilot episodes, the other is an observation of the positive and negative reactions to Derpy's first ever scene. The former being not that difficult and fairly similar to the Cinematic's reviews, the latter being a bit heavier in subject matter, i.e. stereotypes of the mentally disabled in kid shows.

On the one hand, I could talk about the two-part pilot because it's easier, but on the other hand, I could talk about Derpy because it's more topical. Then again, I haven't really done something topical, so I fear that my inexperience with these sort of videos would have me come off as a complete tool who doesn't know what he's talking about.

I really feel like talking about Derpy is the write thing to do, I just don't know if I'm capable. What do you think?

Monday, January 16, 2012

War Horse

The best way I can describe this: if you take Forrest Gump, replace Tom Hanks with a horse, and set it in World War 1, you get the basic gist of this movie.

The movie is the story of a horse that was sold to the British military for the War and his experiences throughout the whole War before reuniting with his original owner in the end.

The cinematography in this movie is absolutely flawless. At the end, filmed in a sunset, I truly knew the meaning of "Magic Hour". Say what you want about Spielberg, but he knows how to make Movie Magic. John Williams' musical score soars above excellent.

It was a great experience.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I have a Tumblr and other updates.

My Tumblr:

Right now, while working on schoolwork (as usual), I'm working on a short introductory video to the Brony Nutcase. Not an actually review, though.

I'm still trying to find a plot kick-start for my fanfic. In case that matters to anyone.

Since I am of voting age, I'm starting to pay more attention to politics. And from what I can see right now, I will be in Germany by the time the election comes around, and if Dick Santorum is elected, I'm staying there.

Granted, it's really early in caucus/primary season, so it will most likely be Romney vs. Obama, at least I hope.