Saturday, September 8, 2012

Let Off Some Steam

I have a Steam account now.

So far, I only have Team Fortress 2 because it's one of FIVE Free to Play titles for Mac. I'm trying to figure out how to purchase games, but I'm an American, with an American bank account, trying to purchase stuff while in Germany. My point is, I can't actually buy anything yet and I have contacted SteamSupport about it, but they haven't gotten back to me yet.

Right now, I'm considering getting Knights of the Old Republic, Bastion, and Dear Esther. I tried to get Psychonauts, but that was how I ran into the purchase problem, so I just bought it off the Mac App Store.

The main character in Psychonauts, Raz, is voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz. At first I was like "Dagget? Is that you?", then I was like, "SANCTIFIED MOTHER OF CRUD, IT'S ZIM!!!"

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