Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dear Esther

As it turns out, I have to purchase my Steam products through the browser website and not the application itself. Kind of odd, but at least I can finally buy games to play. I should be working on scripts, shouldn't I? Well, anyway...

Oh my non-existent GOD!

This game is so simple, and yet so BRILLIANT! The game is mostly just wandering around an abandoned island in the first-person view, but the music, the atmosphere, and the diary entries (the way the story was told) was exhilarating. I could almost feel the cold ocean wind. Halfway through, I kept getting chills. I was practically freaking out inside because of the sheer loneliness I was experiencing when traversing through the caves of the island.

Dear Esther has quickly become one of my favorite games, and I'm REALLY looking forward to thechineseroom's (the game's development team) next game, Everybody's Gone to Rapture.

According to the team, Everybody's Gone to Rapture is going to be a game similar to Dear Esther, with the setting being during the apocalypse, rather than a few years afterwards (see: Fallout 3)

It was a good day.

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