Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Boondock Saints

Boondock Saints is about two Irish brothers who believe they were called upon by God to kill those who are corrupted, whether they be murderers, rapists, mob bosses, essentially those people that any sane human would dub insane assholes.

Meanwhile, an F.B.I. agent played by Willem Dafoe is trying to track them but ultimately agrees with what they're doing.

This movie deserves the cult following it has. The action is fun, the characters are really likable and hysterical, Willem Dafoe steals the show in any scene he's in, and it has an interesting topic for discussion. Is it okay for vigilantes to kill people if the people they're killing are criminals? It's the kind of debate you'd see in a Chris Nolan Batman movie.

All around, pretty damn good. I like it.

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