Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Snowman

To quote Leonard Nimoy,"Fascinating."

Essentially, it's basically Frosty the Snowman, only silent, more atmospheric, really cool animation, and had been made into a stage play(no joke).

Two things that irritate me:

1. The ending, I get that since it's about a snowman, the snowman should melt(even Frosty melted), but here it's unapologetically straight forward. (Kid runs out to see his snowman's remains, the shot lasts about one second, roll credits), what the hell?

2. How many people make an appendaged snowman? I wouldn't mind it if it was just him, but EVERY snowman is the same way. It's like if they cloned Frosty over and over again. At least the Jack Frost snowman was realistic(well duh, but you get the point).

It's definitely a movie that needs to be seen at least once.

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