Monday, November 28, 2011

This just isn't my day.

So, for Thanksgiving, I went down to Las Vegas and saw Blue Man Group and Penn & Teller (among other things). After seeing the awesome sights of Vegas, including the Hoover Dam, I come home and make the usual weekly PMV Mini-Madness.

So I uploaded the video and Youtube decides to not run ads on the video. I find this odd, considering that they currently run ads on ALL OF THE PREVIOUS MINI-MADNESS VIDS!

Late last night, I had to stay up and do homework. I understand that it is important for me to get good grades, but sometimes it just becomes pointless busywork. I learned that damn stuff, why do I have to create flowcharts about it?

If THAT weren't enough, I tried to upload the Warriors of the Wind review onto Youtube, and it is immediately blocked worldwide by, of all things, Studio Ghibli.

I really want to focus on making more videos and, quite possibly, work on a fanfic, but no, I still have to do this bullshit for school. Fuck this.

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