Tuesday, January 1, 2013


He couldn’t sleep. No matter how much he tried, he couldn’t ease his troubled mind enough to throw himself into a dreamless stupor. Thoughts of her rattled through his head. How her skin felt against his hands. How the taste of her kisses made him crave for more. How he missed showering her with affection. How he longed for his return to his homestead, for he knew that she would’ve been waiting.

Would’ve. No longer. Sadder thoughts arise. Almost morose. How she broke it off a quarter of the way through his worldly trek. How she managed to find a new love and happiness within mere days after the ending. How even as more time passed, he is still hurt.

Even so, whenever they spoke to each other, there was never a sense of animosity. He still smiled when she told him of the happenings with her new love, no matter how much he died inside.

He is glad to still have her friendship, but the feeling of the darkest gloom occasionally blanketed him, giving him a perversion of comfort.

So he sat, and drowned his sorrows in music. No tears were needed, just the melodies to keep him from sinking further.

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