Friday, January 1, 2010

2000-2009: A Decade Rememberance

In 2000, I was in Kindergarten, without a care in the world, turn of the year, decade, century, & millennium.

In 2001, 1st Grade, 9/11, watching A LOT of TV, went on a Christmas Cruise with my family, then went to Disney World, eldest brother graduates high school.

In 2002, 2nd Grade, moved to a new house with 2 stories.

In 2003, 3rd Grade, still watch a lot of TV, summer trip to Germany.

In 2004, 4th Grade.

In 2005, 5th Grade, saw Son of the Mask in theaters, eldest brother gets his B.A., second eldest graduates high school and goes into Air Force, I graduate elementary school.

In 2006, 6th Grade, summer trip to L.A. for acting jobs.

In 2007, 7th Grade, 3 month trip to L.A. for pilot season from Feb. to Apr., experienced "home schooling for the first time, graduate middle school.

In 2008, 8th Grade, discovered the existence of James Rolfe, Doug Walker, & Bob Chipman, I post a review of Hercules on Youtube, experienced Christmas traveling through Hell.

In 2009, 9th Grade, graduate Jr high, I discover my love of film.

In just one decade, I experienced my recent childhood, spanning three schools, watching tons of movies, my older brothers graduating, leaving me the only child in the house, I make friends, I lose friends, I go from spending too much time watching TV to spending too much time on the Internet.

It's depressing that when you're living in the present, it feels slow, but when you look back, it went by so fast.

Hears to a new decade. Can't wait to see what's over the horizon.

As Leonard Nimoy has said dozens of times, "Live long, and prosper."

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