Thursday, October 3, 2013

Soul Eatober - Episode 5

Something that annoyed me in previous episodes but I forgot to bring up: the repetition. Do they need to do the "You! You're soul has turned evil! Prepare to die!" speech EVERY SINGLE TIME they fight someone? I guess I can understand the "42-42-364" thing, if it's like how someone would make up a sentence to remember the names of planets or something. And that did only happen twice, so far.

Also, if you're curious about whether I prefer "subbed or dubbed", it depends. There are some anime shows that aren't dubbed yet that I've watched (Free!, Attack on Titan, Strawberry Panic), there are some that I have watched dubbed (Ouran Highschool Host Club, Hetalia), and there are some that have been dubbed but I still watch subbed (K-ON!). Usually my barometer, at least for the really popular anime shows, is if the dub is at least tolerable or not awful, I'll watch it. If the dub is awful, I switch to the sub.

In the case with this show, the voice acting for the most part is fine.

"Shape of a Soul"

Fucking YES!!!

So the group goes up against Dr. Stein, a mad genius of a 'meister' who's hobbies include macabre experimentations. Obviously, the experimentation thing is more implied, since it doesn't pertain to further explanation of the mechanics of this world. For example, Stein is such a master meister, that he's able to match "soul wavelengths" with anyone, and is able to see the souls of others, as well as the soul wavelengths. And is also able to attack directly from his soul without a weapon.

Yeah, a lot of the show so far has been exposition.

So I really like Dr. Stein for being a kooky, badass dude, but another character I've taken a liking to is, oddly enough, Death Scythe. On the one hand, he's a flirty ladies man who cheated on his wife all the time, and Maka has every right to be resentful towards him for it. On the other hand, he's also depressed because he still loves his daughter even though she disowned him as a father. At some point in the episode, he actually complains that he DOESN'T have to pay alimony. It's like, he's depressed at the situation, but it was basically his fault in the first place, which would make him even more depressed. I'm enthusiastically fascinated by this. Vic Mignogna's performance really helps.

Good episode, and good night.

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