Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Soul Eatober - Episodes 48-49

Holy shit...

"Lord Death Wields a Death Scythe"

The goofy ending to the last episode, in which the Death City robot swallows Asura, was actually Lord Death bringing the Kishin into his Death Room. Asura and Lord Death (wielding Spirit in his scythe form) battle in the Death Room, with Kid, Liz, Patty, Azusa, and Excalibur watching from the sidelines. Asura explains his ideology in the heat of battle. Something about imagination being the source of humanity's fear. Actually, that is a pretty interesting way of looking at things. The battle ends with Asura attacking Kid, and Death protecting his son, but he is injured. "Injured", THE FUCKER LOOKED DEAD!!! But then again, how do you kill Death?

Meanwhile, Tsubaki and Black Star help Mifune find Angela. Angela gives Black Star a good kick in the nuts. It's great.

Asura talks a little with Excalibur, and he explains that Death's defeat came from him caring for others, but then he immediately thinks of Arachne. He returns to Arachne (the relationship becomes more spelled out here), and because of his fear of feeling (I think. I started quoted The Grinch at this point.) he kills her and eats her soul.

"Asura Wakes"

Asura begins to put up a barrier to regenerate, but the Seven all make it in. The final battle begins. As it seemed like Maka was about to finish Asura off, Soul is then swallowed by the red demon as he was playing the piano in his mind. Yeah, I still have no clue how this works. Black Star, Kid, and the others hold off Asura while Maka goes into Soul's mind to help him. She goes down a long corridor of stairs, being followed by Black Blood, until she reaches a door that looks too much like the door to the TARDIS (pretty sure it's the same shade of blue) and finds a black-and-white version of Soul who closes the door.

Two episodes left. Tomorrow, it's finished.

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