Monday, October 21, 2013

Soul Eatober - Episodes 34-35

Where the fuck is Crona? He hasn't shown up since Medusa made him her lackey again (still kind of pissed about that). I don't know, maybe that would be an interesting if infuriating plot thread, but for the past four episodes, he's been nowhere in sight!

And while I'm at it, where the fuck is Blair? She hasn't shown up since Asura was revived. I guess they thought "hey, since she was just sexy fan-service, she didn't really do anything, so let's not use her anymore since we have a plot now". First of all, how dare you?

So you start the show off explaining the status quo where the students hunt 99 Kishin souls and one witch soul and the weapon gets to be a Death Scythe, fine. But in the first episode, you have Maka and Soul start that crap all over again because they mistook Blair for a witch. Now, none of that shit matters since we have all these plot threads going on, so there's basically no status quo, so a recurring character who was introduced in the FIRST FUCKING EPISODE is now completely pointless and is basically no longer in the show. Fuck you.

Oh god, I'm doing that thing where I start to like a show so much I start to criticize it. Wouldn't be the first time this has happened.

"The Battle for Brew"

Brew is a powerful magic tool that was in a witches' thing that was destroyed centuries ago and now there's a magnetic field where the tool is, and it isn't safe for someone to be in the the field for more than 20 minutes (watch this, they're gonna spread this out for a bunch of episodes).

This arc showcases a B team, a team of students who aren't the main characters, basically. It's pretty fun to see some other students and their fighting styles.

Stein and Marie go in the magnetic field while Arachnophobia's forces duke it out with a bunch of DWMA people and students. After a few minutes, the main team goes in to make sure they're okay. Inside the field is a holographic (I think) projection of the past. Meanwhile, Sid and co. fight off Mifune.

"Mosquito's Storm"

Of course.

So the main team finds Stein and Marie and Stein is completely losing it. So Marie gets him and herself out of the field, and two meisters from the B team go in to help the main team while the third meister send a retreat signal and blah blah blah the main team are fighting Mosquito who bulked up because magic logic and has the Brew thing. The episode ends with Soul going into the room in his mind with that red demon who was promising him power so they can have a team resonance thing. In fact, the whole team said they were waiting for him to do it.

I'm confused. Is the demon a representation of the madness inside Soul coming from the black blood or what? How the fact do the rest of his know about the room with the piano? Or were they just talking in metaphor and don't have a clue about what he was talking about when he said "I'm gonna play a note on the piano and we'll all resonate with it"?

And of fucking course this is left for the next episode. Part of me actually kind of wants there to be a string of status quo episodes where the characters develop naturally instead of arbitrarily. And why is 50% of the dialogue exposition? Is that just something I'll get used to after watching more anime?


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